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Coordination of the Priority Programme

The topic, size and disciplinary diversity of the research programme required a differentiated coordination and steering strategy - 'classic' hierarchical, linear and top-down steering were not adequate, given the complexity of the research subject itself, the interdiscliplinary and international setting and the administrative independence of the research projects.

The following principles guided the coordination of the programme:

In the first phase of the programme, the foundations for productive cooperation were laid: communication structures were established, possible cooperation constellations of individual researcher were identified, and an atmosphere of trust and a culture of mutual understanding, acceptance and exchange was established.

The second and third phase saw a shift towards sustaining those linkages, the intensified discussion of topics relevant for the overall programme, and offering platforms for the production of joint outputs. The scope of representation and cooperation was broadened, especially with the other two megacity research programmes (BMBF, Helmholtz) in Germany.

Key activities of the coordination project involved: